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Light pendant sets


PS692 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 25, 026


PS721 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 120, 165


P1006_T1624 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 59, 567


PS909 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 44, 994


PS876 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 85, 294


P1024_T1537 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 125, 911


PS720 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 132, 219


PS654 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 164, 549


PS651 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 58, 375


PS691 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 58, 436


P1062_T1767 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 114, 606


Real Customers, Real Testimonials

  • Hi Kathana!! I received the diamond mangalsutra yesterday and it is beautiful. Previously I decided to make this anniversary memorable to my wife. Somebody suggested me for diamond. I thought I cannot gift diamond because cannot afford it but “kathana” proved me wrong. They have provided a bette...

    Gopal Nayak
  • I have returned from a business trip and found the earrings at home. Very nice, I like them a lot! I was wondering if you could make jewellery to order.

    Grimme, Germany
  • Hi Ankur,

    I write to express my great gratitude for a job well done for my engagement ring. I am pleased to see the quality of work above expectations. I would always think of Kathana before i think of buying jewelry next time.

  • Dear Mr. Ankur

    Following receipt of the engagement ring of Mr. Atal I am just dropping you a line to say how pleased I am with the work you have done. It would be no overstatement to say that the i would recommend Kathana Fine jewellery to everyone who are looking for buying jewellery.

    Ms. Neeta
  • An elated customer speaks from the heart:i am a highly satisfied customer of Kathana...I got what i wanted for my engagement...a design i have been eyeing since a year. These people made sure that i get to see what i have in mind..and Yes!! they did it. I have become a fan on this place. Their uniqu...

    Vandita, Gurgaon

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