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Light pendant sets


PS692 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 25, 026


PS721 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 120, 165


P1006_T1624 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 59, 567


PS909 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 44, 994


PS876 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 85, 294


P1024_T1537 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 125, 911


PS720 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 132, 219


PS654 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 164, 549


PS651 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 58, 375


PS691 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 58, 436


P1062_T1767 - Light Pendant Set

  • Rs. 114, 606


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  • This is my second purchase and just like the first time not only did I get a great deal but also my ring is being envied by a lot of people.Thank you Ankur for your patience and co-operation.Hope to do business with you in the future as well. Wishing you guys all the best.

  • Hi, This was the first time I placed an order with Kathana and I am extremely happy with my purchase.The ring has been beautifully carved and the finish of the ring is perfect.I have been receiving a lot of compliments. The customer support has been extremely supportive through out the various stage...

  • Overall, a great experience and great moments to be cherished.

    Yvonne & Nishant
  • Would like to thank both Ankur and Aditya for their patience. It was a pleasure. Thank you for your excellent service and quality time that you provide to your customers. Goodluck to you both.

    Debashish Rasaily, Lufthansa, Dwarka, New Delhi.
  • Hi, I bought a princess cut solitaire ring made from you for my son in Canada. He really loved it and proposed to his girlfreind and with such beautiful ring she couldn't have said no. They are to get married in October 2011, and i'll be surely going to visit you for jewellery shopping.

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