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Color stones


P1187_T1983 - Color Stone

  • Rs. 199, 242


T1854 - Color Stone

  • Rs. 8, 021


T1855 - Color Stone

  • Rs. 10, 634


ER606 - Color Stone

  • Rs. 261, 132


ER220 - Color Stone

  • Rs. 231, 601


ER764 - Color Stone

  • Rs. 239, 375


ER642 - Color Stone

  • Rs. 188, 216


ER650B - Color Stone

  • Rs. 114, 091


ER712 - Color Stone

  • Rs. 163, 573


T1692 - Color Stone

  • Rs. 94, 386


ER725 - Color Stone

  • Rs. 89, 605


PS584 - Color Stone

  • Rs. 78, 721


Real Customers, Real Testimonials

  • Received the rings as I came to Hyderabad early today. The rings are very gorgeous. I thank you and Mr. Ankur for all the great cooperation and for all your wonderful service. I really appreciate your great support of all the steps that has gone through this transaction. Thank you again for your won...

    Kusum Rossman (US)
  • The first time when we ordered something from Kathana Jewellers was our wedding ring..To get married is anyways a very special feeling,However if someone makes it exclusive adds to ur happiness aswell..We were so happy when we guyzz saw our wedding ring..The credit goes to Mr. Aditya and Mr. Ankur.....

    Ashmeet & Ankur
  • Hi, This was the first time I placed an order with Kathana and I am extremely happy with my purchase.The ring has been beautifully carved and the finish of the ring is perfect.I have been receiving a lot of compliments. The customer support has been extremely supportive through out the various stage...

  • Kathana Fine Jewellery is just like my own shop. Since the dealings are fair, I encourage my friends & relatives to shop here. Day by day they are improving the designs and adding on to their variety.

    Dr. Mrs. Meenakshi, Deepali
  • Would like to thank both Ankur and Aditya for their patience. It was a pleasure. Thank you for your excellent service and quality time that you provide to your customers. Goodluck to you both.

    Debashish Rasaily, Lufthansa, Dwarka, New Delhi.

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