Tips to buy a Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring becomes easier when you keep the following five tips in mind:

Your Budget

Deciding on how much you can spend on your engagement ring is your first step. This amount helps your jeweler show you all the pieces that fall into your price range and helps you avoid the trauma of worrying if a ring is beyond your budget.

Try to divide your budget into two portions – one for the solitaire and one for the mounting (band without the solitaire). Doing this will help you define the weight, cut, color and clarity you want in your solitaire, and then utilize the remaining amount on your mount…or you can do this in the reverse order. Make sure that your solitaire has been certified by an authentic third party like the GIA or IGI. You can browse through our collection of certified diamond solitaires here.

Ring Style

Remember that most women wear their engagement rings every day, so choose a look that reflects your own style and has enough durability for long-term wear. Depending on what suits you, you can choose anything from a classic or hand carved ring to a broad or patterned ring.

For your man, remember that while it’s reasonably rare for them to wear their engagement rings, they almost always prefer bands.

Choice of Metals

The most popular metal choices for engagement rings are gold and platinum. Gold offers you a choice between white, rose and yellow…all of which are obtained by adding an alloy to yellow gold. While the degree of purity is a personal decision, a yellow gold ring is ideally of 18k, while the other two choices are of 14k.

Platinum, your alternative, is also extremely popular thanks to its natural white color, strength and hypoallergenic nature. It is also a very rare metal, giving platinum engagement rings the perception of being unique and valued.


Decide if you want to personalize your engagement ring with your wedding date, a special message (I love U, I Do I Do, etc.) or anything else. If you do, include this in your budget as well. Check out our post on engraving ideas for inspiration!

Schedule Enough Time

Finding the perfect ring doesn’t happen overnight. Set aside atleast six weeks to make this happen because a whole week or two is likely to be spent just understanding your different choices in ring designs and solitaires and deciding which ones you like best! The remaining time is going to be spent with your jeweler, creating the perfect ring and customizing it (if you so desire).

The hunt for the perfect engagement ring is a beautiful journey, and one that the couple should ideally share. And with these tips in mind, it will be a fun and memory-filled experience for the both of you. 

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