Hybrid Shopping

Kathana's brick and mortar retail presence and online diamond inventory offers unique benefits of choice, convenience and low price to consumers.                   

Benefits of Online:


Benefits of Offline:    

BulletVirtually Unlimited Inventory : 1,00,000 + diamonds and countingBulletFace-to-Face meeting inspires confidence

Research tools


Bullet Filters to narrow down results  More


Bullet Comparison More


Bullet Single click to view online report More


Bullet Single click to view online report More

BulletPhysically try out jewellery
 BulletPay in a safe and secure environment by most popular method : Cash
 BulletSame or 3rd Day Delivery in most cases.
 BulletQuicker after-sales support
BulletInstant information in the comfort of your homeBulletExcellent buyback : We give instant cashback on solitaires of upto Rs 3,00,000 after a 10% deduction
BulletBetter value for money as low inventory and operational overheadsBulletAll the gold/diamond jewellery is taken back on prevailing prices with 10% deduction on diamond value.
At Kathana , we have combined the best of both worlds. You do the research online and when you are ready to make the purchase. Visit the store.

Benefits of Online

Research tools :
Bullet Filters to narrow down results

With access to thousands of diamonds it becomes a daunting task to zero in on the diamond you like. Choose from among various criteria like shape, color, clarity, carat weight and price. 

                                    Try various combinations to help you shortlist the results to a few. 

Bullet Comparison

You can also view all the diamonds shortlisted in a single view using the Compare button. Just check all the diamonds you are interested in and click compare present at the bottom and top of the list. You can compare upto 15 diamonds at 1 go.

Bullet Single click to view online report

This is a unique feature with Kathana.in. Once you have narrowed down the list, You can click on those diamonds certified by GIA and a pop-up from GIA's site will help you cross verify the details withwww.kathana.in. Infact you find some more information on the pop-up online report. This feature currently works only with GIA certified diamonds. 

Bullet Advanced Search

Even a narrowed down list can run in hundreds. This is where the advanced search will help you further refine your search. You can use symmetry, polish, flouresence , girdle thickness, Certificate, location among others. 

Bullet Advanced Search

Perfect Proportions : A few uniques in this are Perfect Proportions and Triple-EX. Perfect proportions takes into account the table% and depth % for a perfect diamond ( based on data from industry sources) . 

Triple-Ex : Triple-Ex is again an industry standard which helps in identifying only those diamonds whose Cut ( EX), Symmetry (EX) and Polish (EX), all are Excellent. 


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