Certified Diamonds

A diamond has so many characteristics which affects its value that there is a need for independent body to correctly record them and communicate it to the customers. If any diamond is incorrectly labeled , it could greatly reduce or ‘bump’ its value. Hence it is important that you buy only certified diamonds and that too of certifiers with highest integrity. At Kathana Fine Jewellery we carry diamonds only by the most reputed certification houses like GIA and IGI.

A certification house lists all the characteristics of a diamond after carefully inspecting them in their labs by trained gemologists. These characteristics are noted on a uniquely identified report which comes along with all the diamonds you purchase from us. Infact these Unique numbers are laser-inscribed on the girdle of a diamond to ensure the diamond and the certificate match.

Please ensure that you are getting the diamond you paid for at the the time of picking up the delivery from our store.

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