Inventory Less Retailing


Let me give you a background of retailing activity over the years.

Retailing has evolved over the years but inventory always continued to hurt retailers. Even with sophisticated supply chain systems in place, a retailer would have to find ways to get rid of old inventory like season end sales, discounts and buy-one-get-one-free offers.

Inventory Less Retailing:

Simply put, Here the retailer does not carry the product advertised but acts as a channel to connect the manufacturer and the end-consumer. The retailer also plays the critical role of educator and after-sales service provider.

Toyota pioneered and perfected just-in-time manufacturing to help keep inventory levels low and be able to offer consumers a high degree of customization. Dell took this concept to altogether different level for computers. The Built to order philosophy helped save consumers 100’s of dollars.

Internet has had a disruptive effect on retailing. There are hundreds of sites which provide consumers value for their money. Amazon is a great example of that.

Inventory Less Diamond Retailing:

Similar to what Dell did to computers, many websites in the western countries are saving consumers money on diamonds. Here the web retailer doesn’t hold the thousands of diamond in its inventory but offers various research tools to help find a diamond of their choice and budget. So this has been a proven model in those markets.

Hybrid Model:

In India , people have been using Internet to research on various things but wary of buying things over the internet. They would still want to talk to someone face-to-face with a brick and mortar presence before making a purchase decision. A hybrid model is a combination of the benefits of Inventory less retailing and Safe, secure transaction environment of an offline store. We, at Kathana Fine Jewellery, are proud to be the First Independent Jeweller in India to bring the Hybrid Approach to the consumers for diamonds.

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