Tips to buy a Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on 2016-02-02

Buying an engagement ring becomes easier when you keep the following five tips in mind:

Your Budget

Deciding on how much you can spend on your engagement ring is your first step. This amount helps your jeweler show you all the pieces that fall into your price range and helps you avoid the trauma of worrying if a ring is beyond your budget.

Try to divide your budget into two portions – one for the solitaire and one for the mounting (band without the solitaire). Doing this will help you define the weight, cut, color and clarity you want in your solitaire, and then utilize the remaining amount on your mount…or you can do this in the reverse order. Make sure that your solitaire has been certified by an authentic third party like the GIA or IGI. You can browse through our collection of certified diamond solitaires here.

Ring Style

Remember that most women wear their engagement rings every day, so choose a look that reflects your own style and has enough durability for long-term wear. Depending on what suits you, you can choose anything from a classic or hand carved ring to a broad or patterned ring.

For your man, remember that while it’s reasonably rare for them to wear their engagement rings, they almost always prefer bands.

Choice of Metals

The most popular metal choices for engagement rings are gold and platinum. Gold offers you a choice between white, rose and yellow…all of which are obtained by adding an alloy to yellow gold. While the degree of purity is a personal decision, a yellow gold ring is ideally of 18k, while the other two choices are of 14k.

Platinum, your alternative, is also extremely popular thanks to its natural white color, strength and hypoallergenic nature. It is also a very rare metal, giving platinum engagement rings the perception of being unique and valued.


Decide if you want to personalize your engagement ring with your wedding date, a special message (I love U, I Do I Do, etc.) or anything else. If you do, include this in your budget as well. Check out our post on engraving ideas for inspiration!

Schedule Enough Time

Finding the perfect ring doesn’t happen overnight. Set aside atleast six weeks to make this happen because a whole week or two is likely to be spent just understanding your different choices in ring designs and solitaires and deciding which ones you like best! The remaining time is going to be spent with your jeweler, creating the perfect ring and customizing it (if you so desire).

The hunt for the perfect engagement ring is a beautiful journey, and one that the couple should ideally share. And with these tips in mind, it will be a fun and memory-filled experience for the both of you. 

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Personalize Your Engagement Ring

Posted on 2016-01-23

Sometimes, buying (or designing) an engagement ring isn’t quite personal enough…it still needs that something extra. A simple and excellent way to give your engagement ring that touch of “oomph” is to have it engraved with something special, either along the band or the shank (the inner surface)…or anywhere else on the ring that appeals to you personally. Nothing like an engraved ring to create that “Wow!” feeling, for yourself and the person you’re showing it to!

Having your ring engraved is a fairly simple process; all you need to do is speak to your jeweler while placing your order for your engagement ring. In the rather unlikely event he is unable to do so himself, he will definitely be able to refer you to another jeweler for this service.

Now that you’ve decided to give your ring the personal touch, you need to choose a message that is meaningful to you and your significant other. 

Some popular choices are:

Your wedding date

Your partner’s name (or both your names)

I Love You

I Do I Do

My Only / The Only One

Endless Love

 __ & __ Forever (using your initials)

Together Forever

Forever Yours

If you want to make it really personal, you can choose a favorite phrase or endearment, or anything else that invokes a cherished memory for the both of you. Choose the message together to make it all the more meaningful!

Make sure that you’ve checked the spelling in your message, because once it’s engraved, it will be there forever. Speak to your jeweler about how much the engraving will cost and how long it will take to do so, as these are important factors in purchasing your engagement ring. 

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8 Simple Steps to Buy Diamond Solitaire

Posted on 2016-02-02

Buying a diamond solitaire can be daunting, thanks to all that technical jargon about diamond grading. But if you break it down to everyday language, it’s not that difficult. Find your perfect diamond solitaire in eight easy steps:

Fix Your Budget

The first thing to do with any purchase, especially a high value one, is to settle on your budget. This immediately helps in determining Carat, Color, and Clarity of the solitaires in your price range, without tempting you to fall in love with pieces beyond your budget.


There are many diamond shapes available to choose from, such as round, princess, pear, marquise, oval, heart, etc. Choose the shape that appeals to you the most. Here’s a good tip: the round shape gives your solitaire maximum brilliance, so this could be a good first choice for you!


Color is an important decision. The diamond color grading scale begins at “D”, signifying a white or colorless diamond, and extends to “Z”, by which the solitaire has a yellowish tinge.

D, E and F are considered the best diamonds, with G and H also being favored as they appear white (technically speaking, they do have a tiny hint of yellow). As you progress down the color grades, the yellow tinge increases; however “I” color is also considered value for money as is less priced than the upper color grades and appears on whiter side. These diamonds look beautiful in yellow, white or Rose gold and also in Platinum setting.


Clarity deals with whether your solitaire has any imperfections, either on its surface (blemishes) or inside it (inclusions). These imperfections could be spots or fine cracks and, depending on its size and location, your solitaire will be priced accordingly. For example, a solitaire with inclusions near the center is cheaper than one whose inclusions are further away. The thing to remember is that imperfections are not visible to the naked eye.

The clarity grading scale, from best to least, is as follows: FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, SI3, I1, I2, and I3. The two most desirable (and most expensive) are obviously FL meaning “Flawless”, and IF meaning “Internally Flawless” (blemishes only). Again, as you progress down the scale, the price will reduce.


The solitaire’s cut refers to its proportion, polish and symmetry…basically, how well the facets reveal the diamond’s fire and brilliance. For the best fire and brilliance, you should ideally go for an “Excellent” or “Very Good” cut.


This is the weight of your solitaire…what everyone usually calls its “size”. The heavier carat solitaires are always in great demand, but are consequently more expensive. To understand how carats (ct) are calculated, just remember that 100 cents is equal to 1 carat.


Besides the 4 Cs, another important factor is your solitaire’s fluorescence – which means how much visible light the diamond emits when it is exposed to UV (ultraviolet) rays. While it has only a negligible effect on the appearance of your solitaire, be cautious with “Strong” or “Very Strong” grading.


Ensure that your solitaire is certified. A certified solitaire is one whose diamond grade has been checked and authenticated by a third party institute such as the GIA, IGI, HRD, etc. This certificate is proof of the quality of your diamond, accepted by every jeweler around the world. Insist upon a certificate with your purchase.

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Propose Under the Full Moon at the Taj Mahal

Posted on 2016-01-18

The Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is considered a symbol of the eternal love between Shahjahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Viewing this historical monument by the light of the full moon is a breathtaking experience.

Now imagine taking this experience one step further and creating the most memorable moment of her life for the woman you love…imagine going down on one knee at midnight and proposing to her against this gorgeous backdrop!

How can You Make This Happen?

When you’ve got the perfect occasion and location, all you need here is the perfect ring…and that’s where Kathana Jewelers comes in. Beginning with our first delivery in 2010, we have maintained our excellence at delivering your jewelry well in time for such momentous occasions and meaningful gestures.

With our online presence as well as our store in New Delhi, we are able to give you an unbelievable range of choices in traditional Indian and modern designs across diamond, gold and platinum jewelry, along with personalized services such as engraving.

If you’re wondering why you’d purchase diamond jewelry in India, we can give you two great reasons:

·         Thanks to low cutting and polishing costs, as compared to other countries, most of the world’s jewelers have their diamonds cut and polished in India. Hence, local purchases will be considerably more affordable!

·         Besides all our solitaires being certified by the GIA or IGI, India’s VAT or Luxury Tax is a mere 1%, as compared to the 5-25% charged in other countries.

We also offer a return policy of 30 days with money back on our online store, with an easy return process. Additionally, patrons in Delhi can opt for the “Try at Home” and “Cash on Delivery” facilities. All payments can be safely made through Debit or Credit Cards and online payments (we do also accept payments through money transfer institutes like Western Union).

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Hallmark Jewellery

Posted on 2016-01-18

Hallmarking is the accurate determination and official recording of the proportionate contents of precious metal in jewellery. Hallmarks are thus official marks used in many countries as a guarantee of purity or fineness of gold jewellery. -BIS definition

Hallmarking guarantees a piece of Jewellery for its actual purity and originality. You can analyse its true financial potential as a form of investment and help you calculate its value more accurately. For e.g. a non hallmarked Jewellery will lose it's value by around 10% - 20% whereas a Hallmarked Jewellery will not.

5 Mandatory Symbols for a hallmarked jewellery

The symbols mentioned below are used to identify hallmarked jewellery. They are usually present at the back /inner side of a jewellery article.

The BIS Logo

The most visible symbol of hallmarking is the BIS logo

The Year of Hallmarking


Year 2000


Year 2006


Year 2001


Year 2007


Year 2002


Year 2008


Year 2003


Year 2009


Year 2004


Year 2010


Year 2005


Year 2011

Purity of Gold

Identification Marks







Gold in Carat







Jeweller's identification mark

The Jeweller's identification mark.

Assay Center

The Assay or Hallmarking center's logo.

You should be clearly able to identify the 5 symbols as in the picture below.
You might need a magnifying lens though.

Hallmarking jewellery - 'Related Posts from our Blog"

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Certified Diamonds

Posted on 2016-01-18

A diamond has so many characteristics which affects its value that there is a need for independent body to correctly record them and communicate it to the customers. If any diamond is incorrectly labeled , it could greatly reduce or ‘bump’ its value. Hence it is important that you buy only certified diamonds and that too of certifiers with highest integrity. At Kathana Fine Jewellery we carry diamonds only by the most reputed certification houses like GIA and IGI.

A certification house lists all the characteristics of a diamond after carefully inspecting them in their labs by trained gemologists. These characteristics are noted on a uniquely identified report which comes along with all the diamonds you purchase from us. Infact these Unique numbers are laser-inscribed on the girdle of a diamond to ensure the diamond and the certificate match.

Please ensure that you are getting the diamond you paid for at the the time of picking up the delivery from our store.

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4C\'s of Diamond

Posted on 2016-01-18

Must read article as we have added nuggets of information scattered throughout this page.

Any diamond is mainly characterized by 4 C’s namely Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Though they are the most prominent, the 4C's don’t give the complete picture and thus way to assess a diamond’s value. Lets look at what the 4C's mean and go beyond them.

Cut: The Cut of a diamond is the only factor which is influenced by humans and also the one which largely affects its value,fire and life. They are usually graded as Excellent ( Ideal) , Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor. Cut accompanied with Symmetry and Polish should be ideally all EX, EX, EX or Triple EX in the industry language. In our advanced search we have a check box which helps you identify just those diamonds which are triple EXs.

Color: In a diamond, the color greatly enhances its visual beauty. A diamond comes in a VIBGYOR of color ranges but it’s the color-less which is most desirable. Diamonds with D grade are perfect colorless and E,F, G, H,I,J and so on move towards increasing tinge of color shades of Yellow , Brown , Green etc. Of these Yellow shade is most desirable as it enhances the brilliance. While we are talking about color its worth mentioning Fancy Color diamonds. Fancy colors are more rarer and desirable. They have a very prominent color shade.

Clarity: A lot of diamonds come with inclusions or tiny particles. This affects the beauty of it depending on the number and sizes. Some of these impurities are not even visible with naked eye which are often referred to as eye-clean. Clarity is graded as FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2, I3.

Carat: Or the weight /size of a diamond. A carat is made of 100 cents so a 50 cent diamond is also a 0.5 carat diamond. The larger the size of the diamond the more desirable it is. But even a 1 carat diamond would be lifeless without the right cut and color. So the caratage of a diamond shouldn’t be given undue importance.
Note the caratage of a diamond signifies size/weight whereas the caratage in precious metals like gold and silver signifies their purity.

Shape: Diamonds come in various shapes like Round ( Round Brilliant Cut), Hearts, Princess, Marquise, Oval, Cushion, Radiant, Emerald, Asscher, and Pear. The shape of diamond is often mistaken for the Cut. Every shape other than round is considered as fancy shape. GIA and other leading labs do not grade the Cut of fancy shapes.

Less talked about characteristics of a diamond:Less talked about characteristics of a diamond:

1) Symmetry:Diamond graders look for the symmetry of the facets on a diamond. A diamond has 57 facets. Some proprietary diamond cuts have even more facets.

Ideal | Excellent | Very Good | Good | Fair | Poor

2) Polish: The facets of a diamond are polished to remove any unevenness. Inspite of which some diamonds have fine grain lines. Polish is graded as Excellent, Very Good, good, Fair, Poor.

Ideal | Excellent | Very Good | Good | Fair | Poor

3) Culet: The last facet in a diamond. A diamond usually has 57 facets and 'closed' at the bottom to form the 58th facet sometimes. In the presence of a culet (unclosed bottom) a small 'black hole' is visible.

Pointed | Chipped | Abraded
4) Flourescence: A factor which can greatly enhance the value of diamond. This can be tested in UV lights only where certain diamonds exhibit strong or medium flouro.

None | Faint | Medium Blue | Medium Yellow | Strong | Very Strong

5) Depth : This is specified as a percentage of total depth of the diamond.
6) Table : The top surface of a diamond. Its specified as a percentage of the total girth of the diamond.
7) Crown: Is the upper portion of the diamond.
8) Girdle: Is the middle girth of the diamond (As depicted in the picture). This is where the laser inscription on the certificate number can be viewed through a magnifying lens.

Extra Thin | Very Thin | Thin | Slightly Thin | Medium | Slightly Thick | Thick | Very Thick | Extremely Thick   
9) Pavillion: It is the portion below the girdle as depcited in the picture.

Note: Throughout this site we refer to educational content from GIA- The world's foremost gemological lab and a non-profit organization.

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Hybrid Shopping

Posted on 2016-01-18

Kathana's brick and mortar retail presence and online diamond inventory offers unique benefits of choice, convenience and low price to consumers.                   

Benefits of Online:


Benefits of Offline:    

BulletVirtually Unlimited Inventory : 1,00,000 + diamonds and countingBulletFace-to-Face meeting inspires confidence

Research tools


Bullet Filters to narrow down results  More


Bullet Comparison More


Bullet Single click to view online report More


Bullet Single click to view online report More

BulletPhysically try out jewellery
 BulletPay in a safe and secure environment by most popular method : Cash
 BulletSame or 3rd Day Delivery in most cases.
 BulletQuicker after-sales support
BulletInstant information in the comfort of your homeBulletExcellent buyback : We give instant cashback on solitaires of upto Rs 3,00,000 after a 10% deduction
BulletBetter value for money as low inventory and operational overheadsBulletAll the gold/diamond jewellery is taken back on prevailing prices with 10% deduction on diamond value.
At Kathana , we have combined the best of both worlds. You do the research online and when you are ready to make the purchase. Visit the store.

Benefits of Online

Research tools :
Bullet Filters to narrow down results

With access to thousands of diamonds it becomes a daunting task to zero in on the diamond you like. Choose from among various criteria like shape, color, clarity, carat weight and price. 

                                    Try various combinations to help you shortlist the results to a few. 

Bullet Comparison

You can also view all the diamonds shortlisted in a single view using the Compare button. Just check all the diamonds you are interested in and click compare present at the bottom and top of the list. You can compare upto 15 diamonds at 1 go.

Bullet Single click to view online report

This is a unique feature with Once you have narrowed down the list, You can click on those diamonds certified by GIA and a pop-up from GIA's site will help you cross verify the details Infact you find some more information on the pop-up online report. This feature currently works only with GIA certified diamonds. 

Bullet Advanced Search

Even a narrowed down list can run in hundreds. This is where the advanced search will help you further refine your search. You can use symmetry, polish, flouresence , girdle thickness, Certificate, location among others. 

Bullet Advanced Search

Perfect Proportions : A few uniques in this are Perfect Proportions and Triple-EX. Perfect proportions takes into account the table% and depth % for a perfect diamond ( based on data from industry sources) . 

Triple-Ex : Triple-Ex is again an industry standard which helps in identifying only those diamonds whose Cut ( EX), Symmetry (EX) and Polish (EX), all are Excellent. 


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Inventory Less Retailing

Posted on 2016-01-18


Let me give you a background of retailing activity over the years.

Retailing has evolved over the years but inventory always continued to hurt retailers. Even with sophisticated supply chain systems in place, a retailer would have to find ways to get rid of old inventory like season end sales, discounts and buy-one-get-one-free offers.

Inventory Less Retailing:

Simply put, Here the retailer does not carry the product advertised but acts as a channel to connect the manufacturer and the end-consumer. The retailer also plays the critical role of educator and after-sales service provider.

Toyota pioneered and perfected just-in-time manufacturing to help keep inventory levels low and be able to offer consumers a high degree of customization. Dell took this concept to altogether different level for computers. The Built to order philosophy helped save consumers 100’s of dollars.

Internet has had a disruptive effect on retailing. There are hundreds of sites which provide consumers value for their money. Amazon is a great example of that.

Inventory Less Diamond Retailing:

Similar to what Dell did to computers, many websites in the western countries are saving consumers money on diamonds. Here the web retailer doesn’t hold the thousands of diamond in its inventory but offers various research tools to help find a diamond of their choice and budget. So this has been a proven model in those markets.

Hybrid Model:

In India , people have been using Internet to research on various things but wary of buying things over the internet. They would still want to talk to someone face-to-face with a brick and mortar presence before making a purchase decision. A hybrid model is a combination of the benefits of Inventory less retailing and Safe, secure transaction environment of an offline store. We, at Kathana Fine Jewellery, are proud to be the First Independent Jeweller in India to bring the Hybrid Approach to the consumers for diamonds.

Should you have any questions feel free to email me at

Aditya Gupta
Director, Marketing
Kathana Fine Jewellery.

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